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Norbar Industrial Series Hand Torque Wrenches


A long-time customer favourite, re-engineered to be more compactable, robust and easy to use. Ideal for heavy duty applications.

  • Operates between: 120.00 – 2000.00 N·m
    100.00 – 1500.00 lbf·ft



The Industrial Range of Torque Wrenches has a ‘Break Back’ action providing an unmistakable signal that can be seen and felt when the set torque is reached.

Torque Ranges from 120Nm-2000Nm

  • Robust construction gives accurate results, ±4%, even in arduous working conditions.
  • The break angle improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over torquing.
  • Dual scaled, N·m and lbf·ft.
  • All models are also available as Production ‘P’ types with no setting scale. These must be set against a torque testing device such as Norbar’s Professional Torque Tester.
  • Supplied with a Declaration of Conformance, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017