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Atlas Copco D500/HTT6272 HP Air/Pneumatic Pump


Atlas Copco’s pneumatic pumps to suit all tensioning applications. These pumps are robust and reliable with low maintenance requirements. Designed to satisfy the tough demands of the operational environment as well as manufacturing or maintenance. The D500 HTT6272 has a maximum working pressure of 2275 bar or 33,000 psi


Atlas Copco air driven pump units operate on the simple but efficient principle of power magnification through the use of differential areas. A relatively large air-operated piston drives the smaller piston, which provides fluid flow at high pressures. All Atlas Copco air driven pump units are fitted into an easily transportable, tubular steel frame.
The pump units are available, fitted with a large choice of pressure gauges and are supplied complete with an air pressure regulator which can be set to stall the pump unit when it reaches the pressure required for each particular tensioning application.