Low profile Links


The LP links offer a low nose and flat design for extremely tight application accessibility. The “Wide track“ ratchet tooth design provides a bigger contact area that delivers the strength to get the job done with the highest rotation angle, about 30°, making the tool faster than any other.

LP Series – low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches

For bolting applications that require powerful performance in tight spaces, Titan LP Series hydraulic torque wrench gets the job done right.

ST Series

ST Series – low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches

Check out the SUPERTHIN link, our LP Series modular concept for extremely low-profile hydraulic torque wrench.

Low profile Links Products (216)

Product Name 
LP16 Links36
LP2 Links35
LP32 Links35
LP4 Links47
LP8 Links52
STLP Links16