Stahlwille MANOSKOP® 730N Hand Torque WrenchesStahlwille

Stahlwille 730N Torque Wrenches have blank ends to accept interchangeable insert tools (sizes 9×12 , 14×18 & 22×28).

The tool torque ranges start at 2 Nm with models upto 1000 Nm

The unique triggering cam mechanism means that the internal mechanism is only under load when force is applied to the wrench; there is no need to back the wrench off after use.

The internal mechanism is extremely resistant to mechanical wear and is protected against dirt ingress. Suitable for use in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, simply by turning the wrench and insert tool over.

The two-component handle is made of extremely tough, impact resistant plastic, which is resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol.

The torque wrench has a clearly visible twin scale (Nm and It is quick and easy to set using the QuickSelect rapid setting.

Max deviation of indication ± 3%. Supplied with factory calibration certificate, valid from day of first use.


Torque wrench calibration and repair service available




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Stahlwillie 730N

Model Torque Range Fine Scale (Nm) Weight (g) Length (mm)
730N/2 2-20Nm 0.2 0.737 275
730N/5 10-50Nm 0.25 0.831 330
730N/10 20-100Nm 0.5 0.988 386
730N/12 25-130Nm 0.5 1.128 421
730N/20  40-200Nm 1 1.264 467
730N/40  80-400Nm 2 1.655 607
730N/65 130-650Nm 2.5 3.231 890
730NII/65 130-650Nm 2.5 3.504 911
730N/80 160-800Nm 5 4.825 1178
730N/100 200-1000Nm 5 5 1363