Electric Pumps

Electric pumps: EXE range, robust hydraulic / electric pumps

Titan offers a full line of electric/hydraulic torque wrench pumps to meet your every needs. EXE Titan pump range features a 3-stage piston design allowing the pump to be faster at any working pressure stage.


  • Built-in thermometer (°F / °C) for oil temperature check
  • Built-in lifting hook for superior portability
  • Built-in oil cooler, stabilizes oil viscosity, increasing oil life and reducing wear of pump
  • Sturdy steel full protective frame for greater pump durability and stability on soft or uneven surfaces

EXE Range Features:

  • 3-stage piston design – faster at working pressures
  • Double scale gauge (psi / bar)

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps

Durable and efficient EXPRESS series pumps are made especially for repetitive bolting tasks in harsh environments.

Electric Pumps > EXE MAXS Products (4)

 Model Part NumberMax PowerOil Tank
EXE-MAXS-230-FF1 Robust, Fast and Quiet6151560210 1.1 kW4 l
EXE-MAXS-230-FF4 Robust, Fast and Quiet6151560220 1.1 kW4 l
EXE-MAXS-110-FF1 Robust, Fast and Quiet6151560250 1.1 kW4 l
EXE-MAXS-110-FF4 Robust, Fast and Quiet61515602601.1 kW4 l