With the recent disasters which have occurred in the energy sector, the need for products to ensure quality in assembly procedures has become crucial. The devastating costs of property and lives of such catastrophes more than justifies the additional cost of such equipment. The Torq-Comm Commander XT1000/2000 is the answer. They provide the necessary link between assembly,production and management. Whether your need is data collection or closed-loop torque control, the Commander XT1000/2000 is the cost-effective insurance needed to prevent such tragedies.

Base Features of this system include:

  • Remote access to the latest work instructions for each job where it’s needed the most
  • Simplify torque and pressure calculation while improving accuracy
  • Assist in proper tool selection,assist in bolt pattern tracking
  • Wirelessly capture torque and pressure readings for each bolt, immediately identifies out of spec values
  • Capture job related traceability data for future reference, push collected data to computer server for reporting job results, progress and current status
  • Text, email, or phone notifications
  • Download Tool Calibration Certificate to comply with ISO standards


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