flangespreader-main-300x185Use the AutoSPREADER for a wide variety of tasks including: gasket maintenance, opening vessels, lifting, leveling and lowering, aligning turning blinds, bearing and impeller removal, separating manways, toe jack, and more. One of the most versatile tools you’ll ever own!

  • Universal — one size fits all.
  • Safe — no loose wedges or parts.
  • Lightweight — just 12 lbs. – one person operation.
  • 3″ travel in one pass, jaws open parallel.
  • Jaws have serrated surface; no drift — it stays where you place it.
  • 10,000 lbs. applied force at tips
  • Can be remotely operated.
  • Download the full AutoSPREADER Information Sheet here

Multi-step Safety Block

Model S10K-SB Safety Blocks provide a safe and efficient operation when separating a flange. The operator can choose a desired width: 1”, 2” or 3”. The aluminum block is lightweight, and the handle can be easily gripped, even when wearing gloves. When safety blocks are inserted into the gap of the flange, the AutoSPREADER is closed and the load is then transferred to the safety blocks, enabling the operator to work safely on the gasket surface.

Hydraulic Power Source

HS10K Hydraulic Flange Spreaders may be used in multiple units connected to a common pump. A load lowering valve controls the rate of travel. The optional isolation valves enable the operator to control each AutoSPREADER independently. All HS10K AutoSPREADER, pumps, hoses and accessories are supplied with quick disconnects, filled and fully tested.

Model 100H2 is recommended to provide hydraulic power to a pair of HS10K AutoSPREADER. A100H2 Pump with TB Tee Block, two hoses and CV9596 Load Lowering Valve are recommended for operating two HS10K’s simultaneously.

ZipPULLER Subsea Flange Puller

  • The fast and easy way to pull, align or mate flanges.
  • LARGEST load capacity pulling system in the industry.
  • ZipNut® holds the load as the cylinder retracts.
  • Hydraulic powered, 10,000 PSI working pressure.
  • Versatile for ROV’s, Hard Suits or Divers.
  • Available in 30-Ton 6” and 60-Ton 5” stroke models.
  • Designed to use in multiple units with a single pump.
  • Download the full ZipPULLER Information Sheet here