Titan Hydraulic Bolting Solutions

Following its recent acquisition, Titan Technologies’ bolting solutions has been added to Chicago Pneumatic Tools product portfolio of high quality power tools. The integration means that Chicago Pneumatic Tools now has a more complete offering, and is able to respond to all customers’ requirements for pneumatic and hydraulic industrial bolting tools.

Titan’s products include powerful hydraulic torque wrenches, pumps and accessories for bolting applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, wind energy, power generation, mining and construction industries. Very high load bolting is used when traditional assembly solutions are not sufficient to ensure joint integrity or joint access, for example on oil rigs, in wind farms, ship building and for bridges.


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Pneumatic pumps

Pneumatic pumps: EXA range, powerful pneumatic / hydraulic pumps The Titan EXA pump has a 3-stage piston design allowing the pump to be faster throughout any working pressure range. Titan offers a full line of Pneumatic/Hydraulic Torque wrench pumps to meet your every need. They are all equipped with an explosion proof air driven motor. EXA Mini Special Feature Built-in oil temperature thermometer EXA MAXSpecial Feature Sturdy steel full protective frame

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps: EXE range, robust hydraulic / electric pumps Titan offers a full line of electric/hydraulic torque wrench pumps to meet your every needs. EXE Titan pump range features a 3-stage piston design allowing the pump to be faster at any working pressure stage. Built-in thermometer (°F / °C) for oil temperature check Built-in lifting hook for superior portability Built-in oil cooler, stabilizes oil viscosity, increasing oil life and

Low profile Links

The LP links offer a low nose and flat design for extremely tight application accessibility. The “Wide track“ ratchet tooth design provides a bigger contact area that delivers the strength to get the job done with the highest rotation angle, about 30°, making the tool faster than any other. LP Series - low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches For bolting applications that require powerful performance in tight spaces, Titan LP Series

Low profile power head cylinders

For Bolting applications that require powerful performance in tight spaces , Titan’s LP power head cylinder gets the job done right by fitting in small spaces without sacrificing power. The piston dampening system eliminates tool breakdown, reducing repair costs and gives a tool that is designed to outlast its competitors. The Titan LP series torque wrenches are powerful, accurate, durable, robust and efficient. Every Titan hydraulic torque wrench is

Tri Hold backup wrenches

With Tri-Hold backup wrenches, you can forget all your other backup wrenches. One Tri-Hold fits multiple nut sizes, so you no longer need a backup wrench for each nut size. Furthermore, the Titan Backup Wrench is stronger and more versatile than any other backup wrench on the market, is easy to use and secures the nut for safer hands-free operation. The load is retained by the three flats of the triangle on

Titan Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: T Series

Your industrial bolting applications require a hydraulic torque wrench that’s powerful enough to consistently deliver accurate performance under even the toughest conditions. That’s why TITAN T-Series hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to be stronger and longer-lasting than any other similar product on the market.   The Titan T-Series torque wrenches are powerful, accurate, durable, robust and efficient. Every Titan hydraulic torque wrench is cycle tested under load and then